ECOMER 1 Year Official Partner Membership




Your membership subscription helps us pay for our Ecologic and Humanitarian actions.

We lobby locally and nationwide for quality at sea and the recognition of Yacht crew cohesion virtues as an example to the world.

We also run a yearly collection of crew donations that we collect directly from your Yacht, store and redistribute to people in need locally and worldwide, via our Yachts with Heart events which we have been running since 2010 on the French Riviera.

We invite all the Superyachts to take a membership subscription to become a member of our Yachts du Coeur Executive Club.

We rely heavily on your support to spread the good word.

So far, thanks to your donations, we have created a quality charter for the seas in partnership with Cannes city, collected, and redistributed to people in need, 22 tons of nonperishable food, the equivalent of 44000 meals,  and 40m3 of clothes, linen, tools, and building material of all sorts to help out the Food Bank, the Red Cross, and the disaster struck populations of the Caribbean Islands,  as well as a 1.3T container of donations to Dominica.

Your Benefit :

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