Your membership subscription and or donation help us pay for our Ecologic and Humanitarian actions.

Membership, donate now

  • During disaster relief, recovery and rebuild, your donations help us coordinate various tasks such as:
  • Collect yacht crew donations, sort, stock and redistribute them during our Yachts du Coeur events
  • Moving our partner NGO and other verified NGO emergency supplies to remote coastal cities,
  • Putting a disaster relief team aboard and moving them into isolated areas that need help,
  • Moving verified NGO workers and officials from point A to point B,
  • Making and distributing fresh water,
  • Purchasing and delivering much needed supplies.

We rely heavily on your support to spread the good word, and invite the world yachting industry to take a membership subscription to become a member of our Yachts with Heart Executive Club to show an active lead for a better world in doing so.

So far, thanks to your donations, we have created a quality charter for the seas in partnership with Cannes city, collected, and redistributed to people in need, 24 tons of nonperishable food, the equivalent of 48000 meals,  and 80m3 of clothes, linen, tools, and building material of all sorts to help out the Food Bank, the Red Cross, and the disaster struck populations of the Caribbean Islands,  as well as a 1.3Tons container of donations to Dominica, and a 5.5Tons container of donations for the Philippines.

ECO MER 5 avenue du Commerce, les Bouches du Loup, 06270 Villeneuve Loubet, France Registered nonprofit charity association Siren N° 517 811 758, Association d’intérêt général N° W061000681, declared in Grasse Préfecture the 21st of June 2009
Nota bene : Donations made to ECO MER association open the right to a French tax rebate for tax payers in France to both people and corporations

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